The challenge was, we had just enough cash for 3 months… so we had no choice but to do whatever it took to earn our way up

Marcin (from Poland), Mari (from Maldives) we met up in London while studying, we live in Asia. After graduation, we got our first working experience. Being disappointed with it, we were crazy enough to believe that we could travel and earn from any location instead of sitting in cubicles. We both love traveling, salsa dancing, tasting exotic cuisines and getting to know incredible people with amazing life stories, who decided to fight for more.

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Life Changing Decision

It all started in 2008 with a dream and these 2 beliefs:

1. It must be possible to create an income using internet, so let’s test it

2. And yes, we can pull it off

That was the inception of The Wireless Income journey. So we took the risk. Using the last space on our credit cards, we made a life changing decision. On the 23rd of July 2009, we bought our tickets (anniversary of our engagement = commitment) and on September 19th 2009 we left London for Maldives, our first destination (anniversary of our wedding = new beginning). It still brings a smile on our faces, the dates were not planned at all. It only hit us couple of months later.


What Was The Challenge?

We landed in Maldives, found an apartment in Hulhumale’ Island, connected internet and started our Wireless Income journey… The challenge was, we had just enough cash for 3 months… so we had no choice but do whatever it took to earn our way up. In the beginning we had loads of bumps, bruises and feelings of uncertainty. But we kept going, kept pushing, kept improving our skills, seeked mentors and stayed committed to our dreams.

Currently we live in Kuala Lumpur, which we treat as home, travel base and the place where we build our businesses from.

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We Teach Rebels Like You

We teach rebels like you with dreams, desire who are looking for a vehicle to help them escape whatever they are no longer enjoy doing. We teach them how to create an income that is wireless and that can travel with you in your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. In our Wireless Income Academy, we organise masterminds, hangouts, workshops and bootcamps to make the learning fast and fun.

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Hobbies and Interests

Couple of pics from some of the places we have visited, people we met, friendships we built and memories we created.

Team and Our Business

We love the leverage internet gives for earning from any location, but we want to make a small confession. More than just sitting in front of computer, we love people. Getting together, masterminding, building friendships, organising trips and bootcamps to make the journey both fun and exciting. Because it is never about the destination…right?

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Bragging Rights – Some of Our Results

The journey continues and every day is another opportunity to make it better, more fun and an improve what we do by at least 1%. Here are some of the results we have managed to achieve.